Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salacious Encounters with Poorly Crafted Beings

Book Cover Art, Cover Art, Comic, Art With Words, Humor

I am working on a series of paintings called, "Illustrated Titles." I love Books, Titles, Book Cover Art and Literature. Sometimes I make paintings faster than I write and sometimes it's the other way around. "Illustrated Titles" gives me the space to create and present Cover Art for Cover Art's sake.

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Ralph Ivy said...

This is neatly well done. I like the dialogue going on between the models and the artist. And the way you compose it and pull it together. This is a great example of why I feel a bond with your art. Playful. Sarcastic. Real. And edgy when you feel the need. And combine all into into one package presentation. Your doing what you do inspires me to keep doing what I do. And I need that. Thank you.

Bassagirl said...

Thank you for this comment, Ralph, I feel a bond with your work, too!