Friday, March 26, 2010

The Armstrong Pageant

illustration, pageant, armstrong, drawing, masquerade

Some of my surreal, comic strip style storytelling.

Acrylic ink and paint on 9"x 11" canvas paper.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Underwater Astronaut - Book Cover Art

This book was composed underwater and is to be read underwater. It features an Astronaut who lives and breathes underwater and has many kinds of adventures there.

Here's one found in his diary:

August 21, *********

"There, beyond the Sandwhale Shell Statue(try saying that three times) I discovered the most unusual planet floating amidst the coral. This planet - Spoon shaped and miniscule and full of vegetation, included many walking and flying forms of life, that I could see clearly with my naked eye. I've encountered many planets beneath sea level before but this one called to me like no other.

"Ernest," It said. "Ernest," it continued to speak, though I could see no mouth. Still, that voice drew me in. It was meant for me. I'd swear to it, though my name is not Ernest.

So, against my leader's prior warnings and instructions, and against my best judgment, I swallowed that Spoon Shaped Planet into what I call that Gargantuan, Shallow laboratory of the Self (my belly) to study it further. And though, I was spared indigestion, I wasn't spared anything else..."