Sunday, October 18, 2009

Artistic Process: "The Winners," version 2

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After doing the initial sketch (that you will find in the post beneath this one) I decided to add color to the image. I used india ink, acrylic ink and acrylic paint all on moleskine paper. I got a little carried away. The paper wrinkled quite a bit but I've grown to like the effect. I liked the initial black and white image but I was bothered, even though this was a notebook sketch, by the stray pencil and pen markings and the places where, if you look closely, you can see the white out. I'm deciding whether or not to develp this into a bigger piece on canvas panel using acrylic paint and pen. I like the carnivalesque costumes and the expressions on their faces.


Ralph Ivy said...

What size are the pages? Your sketchbook? I am not familiar with acrylic inks. I have to admit I miss working with sketchbooks and now concentrating mostly on computer "drawing". There is something about paper, inks, colors bleeding through to the next page, triggering a new image, a new thought, that I miss.

I need to get back into real papers and inks I often think.

Bassagirl said...

Hey Ralph,

I sometimes use moleskines or saddlestich journal books that I make myself. Moleskines are really nice to work on and the books are pliable. The notebooks I use are approximately 5" x 8." I just bought a larger one, though.