Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unmasked by PURPLE ZOE!

Purple Zoe, artist, writer, and bloggeress extraordinaire operates a fabulous blog called 'The Ultraviolet Underground' which introduces and showcases Undergound artists of many different disciplines. Check her out!

Purple Zoe interviewed me about my art and writing a few weeks ago. Here is the link:

A few words with Revolutionary Picture Bookist Osedra a.k.a Bassa Bassa girl

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Ralph Ivy said...

I like this face. This presentation. Confident lines. Emotional colors.
Expressionism. More than impressionism. Putting feeling and emotion forward. Showing the inside looking out. Not just what outwardly is being seen. It enthralls me in my own work. Expresses my own needs. And sometimes I delve in. Thank you for the motivation to do more.