Thursday, April 30, 2009

Those Mansions in Your Walls

From 'The Diaries of The Titillater,' Entry #251

Those Mansions in Your Walls

the blood in your high walls
poisons my base desires
making me reinfect myself
with what started the foundation
of my longing for you.
I travel through those gnarled veins,
chronic, chaotic passages around the bend
to where I ruled a world I invented
Terrible, Titillating, Totalitarian
to me as infant
then crocodile
tree, chopped down
then ripped into a page
of a script where I read lines for
the hunted, then the hunter,
then cast
against type, of course,
as predator.

Though I attended schools in mansions
I tended to you like you were all the weeds
of what I learned
about human beings
I branded with inhumanity.
I confess to seeing you as separate from myself.
I'd like to say that now, I am devoted to you
through becoming a devotee of me.
And though your walls grow tall as Redwoods
the ladders I produce should not pick your heart
like a peach.
But I am afraid I will always crave then crush you
for the rush of staring at myself in mirrors
falling in love with the image of my disbelief
and know that diamonds can be derelicts
and derelicts delicious.

by Tiffany Osedra Miller


Ralph Ivy said...

...falling in love with images of my disbelief....

Lines I envy, words I see describing myself, but could not verbalize. I have tried. I like what I do. But you give me more - more to reflect. I am reminded of a page from one of my notches, looking in my own mirror.

Hopefully I can find it and give it a post.

You inspire. Thanks.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Beautifully written. So vivid , so colourful. Amazing.

Nothing Profound said...

Keep the avalanche of images coming. I'm more minimalist dada myself than Surrealism, but I love the attitude. I want to lock the universe in one sentence and then set it free again,, but I enjoy the spectacle of seeing you explode all over the place.