Monday, December 1, 2008


Are you and your lover suffering from WR-LSD?
No Worries, No Worries, I have researched and dicovered the cure for this malady:

You must first bless yourselves with prayers to God, offerings to your ancestors, your dear Papa Legba, then Oshun. Begin mind dances with your lover once every hour, as necessary. These 'imagined' dances will turn into a dance of your two spirits. You will find your body moving in mysterious ways. First your shoulders and torso, then your hips. Let your hips move, involuntarily. Let them spell out stanzas of love to your lover. The language of your hips will be hard to decipher because it is encoded in hieoroglyphs. Keep the body dancing. Finish off with a shot of rum mixed with a teaspoon of creamed coconut, a pinch of sugar and/ or a bottle of Guiness. Worship, drink, dance, then kiss. For THAT is carnival. BASSA BASSA

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