Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In the City of Profound Sadness just around the corner from Madame Melancholy's Make You Happy Minstrels and Mistresses, past the Church of Bootleg Liquour, The Church of Saturday Night on Sunday, down the street from the storefront Church of Stained Glass Grafitti and just past the Church of Light, Shadow, Silhouette and Sirens, up the hill called Harold's Hedonisim, and, of course, down the sickled Street of The Downward Spiral, you find in the broken funky artery of the city, Sad Street. Home to Humans Beings with Hearts in the shape of starfish. People and Presences of carnage, then carnival who fortify their diets with the meat from not chitterlings but starfisherlings. When parts of their hearts break, another artery forms then grows back, albeit deformed, but functional, sort of. People and Presences, though in presentation unusual, not at all so different from you and me.

Over time you will meet Madame Bassa, The Victims of Yellow Lights, Charlie Christ, The Remains of the Overhill Opera, The People from Over the Underworld, and many others.

"The Silhouette Stars on Sad Street" is coming soon to the Theater in you.

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XOXO, L. Fania W. said...

Beautiful blogg, boo! The theater in me is calling for a standing ovation.