Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh, When You Leave This Earth

Acrylic paint, india ink and gesso on approximately 6" x 9" unstretched cotton canvas attached to board.

The afterlife I’ve learned about and wondered about as a young black girl growing up in the church is sometimes overshadowed by the afterlife I believe I visit in my dreams. A place populated with familiar yet unfamiliar landscapes, departed ancestors and strangely shaped beings. Where do reality, history, heritage, belief, truth and imagination converge?

"Oh, When You Leave This Earth"
by Tiffany Osedra Miller
Copyright 2010
all rights reserved.


Ralph Ivy said...

Ah...Ms. Bassagirl. Good to see you active and creative as usual. I've been off rhythm for some months now, but starting to get my goals back in focus. First, however, is a planned move by to my childhood town. By end of year hopefully. Then - THEN - my goal will be to seriously organize, present, and hopefully preserve a life in art. And definitely reconnect with you and fellow artists here. - Ralph

Bassagirl said...

So glad you're back, Ralph! Please keep me posted.