Friday, September 25, 2009

Art School: Finding The Best Art School In The World

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The Best Art School in the World

Let the content of your dreams inspire the creation of your art. If you can't remember your night dreams engage in conscious daydreams. Some of the best art lessons come from within. Some of the best landscapes, fantastical characters and themes come from within you. Unwrap the blueprints to neighborhoods inside you and build them up with colors, metaphors, blacks and whites. Build them with your words, your clays, your drawings, your movements. Visit those neighborhoods - located deep in imaginative realms - that eagerly await your arrival. At first these neighborhoods may appear dormant, but that's only because you have forgotten to look with your innermost sight.

Look at these neighborhoods, now, with your most powerful vision. See the people that occupy these neighborhoods. Observe the interesting characters. Listen to their unique voices. Hear them tell their stories and whisper to you their poems. Watch them dance and feel how their dances move you. Allow your new, loving, eccentric and most interesting acquaintances to take you into deeper journeys. Have outstanding adventures and when you return from these adventures, record them, by expressing them, using whatever artistic medium you choose. Then proceed to craft these adventures so that those of us who haven't experienced what you have, can feel what it was like to be there, and also become enriched by what you've learned. Craft them in the ways they wish to be expressed. Respect the independent spirit of your creations. Remember that your art is in constant collaboration with seen and unseen forces. Allow your conscious life to become enhanced by your unconscious journeys. Walk your art. Preach it. It's yours. It's ours.

Tiffany Osedra Miller
Bassa Bassa Arts


Nothing Profound said...

Love your energy, your vitality. I agree. The best art school is one's own imagination.

Ralph Ivy said...

I believe we are alumni. We have attended the same school. And here waving to each other from our seat in the classroom. (smile) You are good. And it is good sharing a common ground. I am sure we are earning our grades, and we will be proud of our report cards. (As long as we keep studying, and you, thank you, are one that keeps me inspired to stand, step forward, and put my own marks on the blackboard.)