Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Inhuman House

'The Inhuman House' features prominently in the rise of stories. Characters from all over the streets, pages, paragraphs, corners, brothels, racetracks and alleyways of Storybook, gather here to share their experiences, visions and adventures within their respective tales. They walk the halls of this house with reverence, careful not to disturb the well trampled floors of this shelter or take a piece of fallen plaster as a memento or scrawl their names on its sooty walls. They leave the floors unmopped, the toilets unflushed, the beds unmade. Worst of all, they leave the windows and doors locked and shut to block out the pleas made by legions of Storytellers and Writers who try to enter and transport the Characters - before they are ready - into another body and another locale. Consequently, the Inhuman House cannot stand its residents - calling them divas and megalomaniacs - the voices that make up the structure of the house emanating from the cracks in the walls. These voices register to the Characters mostly as gibberish and grumbles, as they are only able to make out a word or two, here and there, like 'vagabonds, assholes, and storyshit.'

Excerpted from a work in progress, called, 'Storybook Uprising.'
Image and Words by Tiffany Osedra Miller

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Ralph Ivy said...

"I don't know where the "Inhuman House" is going, but I certainly know where it is going to go. 'Tho I don't have a pass myself, thank God a fellow artist known as Bassagirl, does have entry into the unknown. And will get the stories waiting to be told. I am grateful for her as a guide. And am looking forward to what she finds," the old coot artist said, waiting patiently across the street. Sketchbook in hand.