Sunday, March 29, 2009


My Mother died a year ago, today.

IGENA GLORIA MILLER October 24, 1933 - March 29, 2008.


(In memory of my Dear, Sweet Mother, Igena)

Your soul continues its travels
without the weight it bore here, yesterday
because that wind has blown you on home, now
though we always thought you'd stay.

No grown folks ever told us
we could never hold the breeze
the wind is the best and worst lover
who now leaves us begging on our knees.

So long, Wind-Swept Woman,
with laughter and wisdom
forever stretched across your gorgeous face
Your legacy, now eternal
Your essence, every place.

Ashe, Ashe,

Tiffany Osedra Miller

Yes, my Mother did rock those hair pieces and wigs!

May she continue to rest in peace.


moonrat said...

she's beautiful.

Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

Oh dear friend, even if I just come here today for the first time to see your blog, your mother still always with you, you look like her ( I mean in pictures), I suppose you miss her, she seems to be a very positive person from pictures, wasn't she? For sure!

Drea said...

beautiful. Both you and your mother.