Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revolutionary Picture Book, issue #1, "Dynamite and Pigeons" on sale now!

My first, independently produced, hand bound book, "Revolutionary Picture Book," issue #1, "Dynamite and Pigeons" is on sale now!!! You can find a link to my store on Etsy on the side bar of this blog. Here is a description of it:

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the Cupcake World! Journey inside a mourner’s mythology! Witness her transcend grief and suffering through color, surrealism, image and line, all while indulging a bittersweet tooth. Are you mourning, too? Before you enter, drop all of your illusions but hold onto your Masks!!! "Dynamite and Pigeons" is your word and image collage initiation into an atmospheric carnival world full of performers, mourners, lovers, revelers, and holy rollers - in celebration of the spirit of tragedy and loss with humor, bacchanal and revolution.

Come catch a glimpse of the enigmatic and resilient Mama Noire, laugh at the sorrows of Clown Soldiers, hesitate then genuflect quickly before the Bishop of Sorrow and Pink, then shake your head at the audacity, acquired over ages of suffering, of an immortal Little Bad A** - and more, beginning with this first issue!

This first issue of "Revolutionary Picture Book" is a raw, original, hand bound, gorgeous and concise DIY introduction containing poetry, prose and images, hand drawn with pastels, inks and colored pencils, scanned then printed in full color and black and white onto 16 pages, 8 sheets, including slightly thicker vellum covers. Dimensions are approximately 8 and 1/2 by 11 and 1/4.

Looks fetching (especially if protected in its plastic sleeve, which is included with each purchase) on coffee tables, private altars, or displayed (cover outward) on bookshelves amid plants, eulogies, lit candles and ancient books with thicker spines.

***Please avoid browsing through this or any subsequent issue of "Revolutionary Picture Book" while driving or operating heavy machinery. Conjure its colors up at funerals, however, or dance in full costume and mask, alone, or with a lover while clutching it, and, of course, sleep and dream of a peaceful world with it sparkling beneath your pillow.

Love and Carnival,

Tiffany Osedra Miller

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