Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art and Words: A Girl and her Gun

[twisted justice for a twisted world]

The Spirit of Betsy Gladness

Meet Betsy Gladness’s favorite Gun
whose bullet spirits grow restless
wrapped in gunpowder
REEKing of talcum
brushed onto their metallic coats.

Kill---kill---kill – roars the Gun. Don’t shoot! -the bullets say and the Gun replies, mournfully-
You…all… weigh…me …

Whatisanartist if she cannot add
splashes of paint to herblastedcanvas-
what is a doctor if she cannot listento yourheartwith her silverstethoscope-
what is a gun if she can never shoot her bulletsinto a humanback-as if
nothing more than animal?

What ?
The bullets ask.

-That gun, My dear, dear bullets,
is an - oppressed -gun

Betsy Gladness’s hardware wasn’t always so angry-
and neither was she

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